Sunday, 29 January 2012


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Monday, 2 January 2012


once again we, ottimomotorworks are proud to introduce one of our newest products,
as the title states, it is originally a zzr250 which has been transformed to a streetfighter,here are the pictures,hope you enjoy.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Suzuki SRAD 1997 converted to a Suzuki K5 1000

to all ottimo-ers here is the converted srad that you have been waiting for,sit back and relax and enjoy the ride~

from this...


Yamaha TZM converted to a Yamaha R1,R6.Brilliant blue

Hello and welcome once again to ottimomotorworks' official blogspot!

Ottimomotorworks worked on a Yamaha TZM for about a month and these are the results:

There you go, another bike makeover from us!
A hectic make-over from the front to the back as we used fibre instead of ABS fairings.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Below are some pictures of our work,
Cheers! :-)

Suzuki 400 Convert to A Suzuki K5 1000
Original 1992 suzuki 400

A 1997 Kawasaki ZX2R (Original spec) transformed into a Yamaha R6 year 08-011 (fullspec):

Or to a CBR 1000 Rabbit 2011:

Or even to a CBR 1000 year 2005:

Naza Blade Naked transformed to a Ducati 1098:

Or a Naza Blade transformed to a Yamaha R6 year 2007:

These are just some examples for your entertainment.
It takes a maximum of 3 WEEKS to complete a bike.
Right now in our workshop we have many bikes such as a Suzuki SRAD (to be converted into a K5),
Kawasaki Ninja 250i to R6,
And many many more.
We will be keeping you updated.

Give us a call at anytime should you have any inquiries!


After seeing the impressive pictures on this website, you must be thinking the above question. It must surely cost a hand and a leg... 7k? 10k??

But wait! Before you close this site on your browser, do allow us the courtesy of giving you the price quotations. Rest assured that we offer affordable prices to our customers.

Price Quotations:

Fairing - Depends on the type of set you wish to purchase
               Maximum of MYR 2200 eg. Ducati, CBR, R6 sets

Workmanship - Spraying of rims, chasis, remaking a new subframe, adding extra mountings, custom tank,  
                           front and rear seats.
                           COMPLETE: MYR 1650

Headlights - 1. CBR1000 (YEAR 2008-2011)
                         Price (original): MYR 1500
                         Price (local/China headlights): MYR 790

                      2. YAMAHA R6 (YEAR 06-07)

                         Price (original): MYR 1500
                         Price (local/China headlights): MYR 1100

                       3. YAMAHA R6 (YEAR 08-011)

                           Price (original): MYR 1500
                           *NO local/china headlights for this model

                         4. DUCATI 848/1098
                            Price (original): MYR 1450

                           *NO local/china headlights for this model

                     5. CBR 600 (YEAR 05)

                         Price (original): MYR 1350

                         Price (local/China headlights): MYR 860


Digital Gauge/Meter (Optional)

Koso RX2N

Functions: Speedometer, backlight, RPM,8 background/switch light colours, uses sensors instead of speedometer cable

Price MYR 900 (Includes wiring)

Koso Voltmeter

Function: To gauge battery level

PriceMYR 80

Racing Footrest

There are several types of footrests available:

Yamaha TZM Footrest - Applicable for Naza Blade, Suzuki 400, SRAD
Price: MYR 190 (includes installation)

Yoshimura Footrest
Suitable for Naza Blade,Kawasaki ZX2R and most customed bikes.

Price: MYR 150 (includes installation)


These are the examples of fairings that we have for sale. Do give us a call and ask us about the exact type of fairing you wish to purchase, this list is far from exhaustive.

Ducati 848/1098 Street and Race Fairing

Price for ABS INJECTION: MYR 2100 (includes windshield and single seat front to back set)

Price for ABS GRADE B: MYR 1600

CBR1000 YEAR 04-05

Price for ABS INJECTION: MYR 1990

Price for ABS GRADE B: MYR 1650

Price includes tank cover, windshield and a single seat

CBR 1000 (YEAR 2008-2011)

Price for ABS INJECTION: MYR 2100

Price for ABS GRADE B: MYR 1700
Price includes everything.

Yamaha R6 Year 06-07

Price for INJECTION set: MYR 2200

Price for ABS set: MYR 1650

Yamaha R6 YEAR 08-011

Price for INJECTION set: MYR 2200

Price for ABS set: MYR 1800

CBR 600 05-06

Price for INJECTION set: MYR 2100

Price for ABS set: MYR 1650

Some customers may inquire as to why the sets we sell are expensive/more expensive,
The answer is that if you buy from us we GUARANTEE that the set fits properly onto the bike.
Some sellers do not give such warranties but we do.